How AI and Callbots are improving the customer experience

Callbots are changing the customer service industry by opening up a new communication channel. Gartner even found that implementing the technology Callbots and Chatbots has helped organizations reduce inquiries through other channels by 70 percent. This allows customer service agents to spend more time and energy on their respective cases, ensuring a better customer experience. So how AI and Callbots are improving the customer experience

In fact, organizations that have implemented this technology have experienced an increase in customer satisfaction and saved 33% for each voice engagement. In addition to allowing customer service agents to spend more time with their assigned customers, callbots can also directly impact the customer experience.

Today, we have AI-powered Callbots that can learn through every interaction and provide more accurate and human responses. This personalizes the customer experience so customers don't feel like they're talking to a machine.

In this article, you'll discover some of the best ways these Callbots can improve the customer experience.

What is a Callbot with AI?

AI-enabled callbots use natural language processing (NLU)which allows them to provide more complex responses. They can provide accurate responses even when they receive calls for which they have not been programmed.

They can also instantly access your CRM and use customer information to personalize conversations. This significantly eliminates the robotic element in callbot interactions, leading to a better customer experience.

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How do the Callbots powered callbots improve the customer experience

Now that you have a better idea of what Callbots with AI, let's look at a few ways they can improve the customer experience:

#1: Personalize conversations

While Callbots can be extremely effective in guiding and educating your customers, many people may be deterred by robotic, non-human responses. Ultimately, people still prefer to interact with other humans rather than machines.

A study by Usabilla even found that one in five customers still prefer to interact with humans when engaging with brands. And 46% of those surveyed prefer to interact with humans over callbots. So even if they can get the service they need through simple Callbots, their overall experience may not be too pleasant or memorable.

You need to leverage AI-powered callbots to deliver more natural and personalized interactions. With natural language processing, they can provide highly accurate responses to customer requests, even if those requests are different from what they were programmed to receive.

In addition, they can actively learn from conversations in real time. With the ability to instantly access relevant customer data, they can deliver personalized experiences based on each customer's unique needs. This means they are no longer limited to giving predefined answers to very specific questions.

#2: Increase efficiency and reduce response time

Responsiveness is a major factor that influences the customer service experience. According to a study conducted by Zendesk, 69% of people had a good customer service experience because they got a quick resolution. So, if you want to ensure that people have a better experience interacting with your brand, you need to be more efficient and responsive.

54% of respondents in the Usabilla study cited above also said they would always choose a Callbot over a human customer service agent if it saved them 10 minutes. This suggests that speed and efficiency are the primary factors influencing customer experience.

Because AI-powered callbots can instantly sift through mountains of data in seconds, they are much faster than humans at extracting the most relevant information. They can provide the right answers and information in an instant, so customers don't have to wait too long for a resolution.

In addition, shifting a large portion of customer support requests to virtual agents allows your agents to focus on more complex tasks. They can spend more time with each customer, further enhancing the customer experience.

If your Callbots filter conversations before they are directed to a live agent, your agents can be more efficient in their responses because they can directly start addressing the issue at hand. They no longer need to spend time gathering information about the customer or learning about the problem.

Not only does the Callbot transfer the conversation to a knowledgeable live agent, but it also transmits the customer's problem so that the telephonist can immediately address it.

So you can see the direct and indirect impacts of using AI-powered callbots. With their faster data processing time, they can reduce response time, which has a direct impact on the customer experience.

And because they divert a ton of customer support requests from other channels, they free up more time for human agents. This allows help desk agents to be more efficient and focused on their respective customers. This is how callbots indirectly impact the customer experience.

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#3: Provide 24X7 support

As your business grows, your audience base will grow exponentially. This also means that their needs and requests will become much more varied. You will start receiving customer support requests at all hours of the day, as you will have customers from all walks of life.

And if your company isn't prepared to respond to these requests, you risk unintentionally ruining the customer experience and losing leads.

Even if you have telecommunicators, it's expensive to have them working at all hours of the day. Having an AI-powered Callbot to fill in for them after hours is a great way to be there for your customers whenever they need you.

You can leverage them to deliver personalized, human-like experiences to customers who need you when human agents aren't available.


As you can see, there are many ways AI-powered callbots can improve the customer experience. Most of their impact can be direct, but their indirect influence is just as impressive. They allow you to be more efficient, organized and responsive with your customer service.

With all these benefits of using AI-powered Callbots to improve the customer experience, it's high time to start using this solution. Learn more about how you can implement our Callbots to improve the customer experience by scheduling a meeting with one of our experts. 

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