The Voice agent, the super agent that strengthens your call center
Our tailor-made voice agents improve the quality of reception and the efficiency of your incoming calls. They enhance and optimize your outgoing call campaigns.
Customer Service in line with today's requirements

01. Control of the pick-up rate

Your customers can access your services at any time. The answer is automatic and immediate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that no call is deterred.

02. Optimization of the processing capacity

We provide a solution for clipping and controlling activity peaks. In the event of a planned one-time or recurring surge, our callbots transform the flow of incoming calls into a calling list, thus promoting call blending.

03. IVR Modernization using Natural Language

Through Machine Learning, your customers express their needs and are provided with answers in natural language. Interactions are seamless and provide a solution from the first contact.

04. Empower your teams

Our solution automates the processing of large volumes of calls, allowing your teams to focus on high value-added tasks and complex cases.

05. Customizing the Customer Experience

Our conversational agents are able to detect emotions and adapt their speech and approach to each customer interaction.

06. Increased customer satisfaction

Quality of service, call rates and customization of service become your differentiating factors. Our platform provides you with all the key metrics for measuring service quality and processing efficiency.
Performance assessment
Key metrics and consolidated statistics allow you to assess the processing efficiency of your virtual agents.
Real-time monitoring
A customizable dashboard allows you to monitor the activity of your callbots in real time.
Bot Builder
The BotBuilder allows you to design and modify your conversational agents with a click.
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