The Callbot - The Future of Customer Relations 3.0 

Many of you know the chatbot or the messagingbot but do you know the Callbot? Is it the future of customer relationship 3.0? Well, yes!

But what is a Callbot? Also called, voicebot, virtual teleconsultant, voice assistant...
It's quite simple, "Call" to mean the need for the solution to go through the phone channel and "bot" for the immediacy and automation of the answers. The Callbot allows, among other things, to understand the customer's needs and to interpret them in natural language in order to answer them in a precise and intelligent way thanks to Machine Learning. See article on Callbots.

So why use a Callbot ? And why is it the future of customer relationship 3.0?

Simply because it is important to be in tune with the needs and requirements of your customers today. Today, on the customer side, the telephone channel remains the preferred channel for customer relations.

71% of customer service is through this channel  

78% of French people have already contacted a customer service during the year 

Yet reaching a call center or customer service is often perceived as too frustrating an experience.

    • Waiting time too long
    • No or little flexibility in scheduling
    • Incisive bounces between each service
    • Voice services like "type 1, type 2..." not efficient and boring.

While customer experience is at the heart of today's issues, today's solutions are not optimized for tomorrow's 3.0 customer relationship

On the call center and customer service side, the challenge is to increase customer satisfaction and solve many problems:

    • Absorb activity peaks
    • Extend the ranges of availability
    • Reduce team turnover
    • To have visibility on the nature of the exchanges
    • Personalize the customer experience

As you can see, callbots and artificial intelligence are the future of customer relations 3.0. They allow to automate repetitive tasks as well as customer relationship processes in order to facilitate exchanges and satisfy customers.

At Locuta, we are committed to developing voice assistants tailored to the needs of our customers.  

You may be wondering, but what industry are virtual agents best suited for? The answer is quite easy, for any call center or customer service department with a high volume of daily calls.

What are the advantages of a voice assistant?

Indeed, the objectives of a voice assistant are multiple! It can :

    • Answer common questions and allow your agents to focus on more complex tasks
    • Route the customer intelligently by pre-qualifying the call and transferring it to the right area of expertise
    • Automate specific business cases such as order tracking, document duplication, etc.
    • Make, change and cancel appointments
    • Bring visibility to an ongoing file
    • See full article on the advantages of a Callbot

The little extra ? (Which is huge for us and you, we will not hide it.) The collection and analysis of the data of the exchanges and of the customer journey will only be more efficient later on. Callbots allow a more accurate and realistic analysis thanks to the intonations of voices and spontaneous words used by the customer.

But nothing like that, just real use cases, right?

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Let's build together your custom Callbot of tomorrow

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