What is a Callbot?

In this article, we will discuss a tool called Callbotwhich can automatically drive calls and handle the biggest problems in call centers or customer service departments. We show how it can benefit the company and what are the steps to implement a virtual callbot. So want to know what a Callbot is?

Why do you need a Callbot ?

The increasing number of customer inquiries and high staff turnover are the main issues facing customer service today. As the biggest companies like Google and Facebook teach, customers expect to get answers instantly, like by just Googling.

Waiting on the phone for more than a few minutes can cost a company a potential sale, as customers often call to buy something, lose patience and never call back. In the worst case, long hold times can lead to customer churn due to an unsatisfactory customer experience. According to a study conducted by Velaro 60% of consumers are not willing to wait more than a minute online.

What is a Callbot ?

The Callbot is a solution of AI that automates your call center to serve inbound contacts more efficiently. Some use the term "voicebot", Voice assistant, or virtual telephonist but the technology is actually much more complicated.

Instead of listening to a bunch of options in an IVR and pressing buttons on the customer service call, the Callbot simply asks "How can I help you?" and automatically provides answers to simpler questions. For more complex questions, the bot will transfer the call to the right agent.

To date, companies have tried increase customer service automation with IVR or chatbots using simple pre-programmed flows to guide customers. Their value is limited because as soon as a call goes off script, these solutions become helpless and create confusion and frustration.

The Callbot is based on advanced dialogue systems that use memory, personal preferences and contextual understanding to provide a realistic and engaging natural language interface. By understanding contextual cues and slang in real time, the bot allows customers to describe problems in their own words.
Now that we know what a Callbot is, it's interesting to know its benefits.

What are the advantages of a Callbot ?

For the client:

    • Does not have to go through the arduous process of pressing IVR buttons
    • The average wait time of 2.4 minutes to reach the agent is reduced to 0
    • The Callbot automatically answers simple questions
    • Available 24/7; customers can report issues even when there are no call center representatives

For the company:

    • Significant reduction in the number of calls routed to the wrong representative
    • Dropout rate reduced to near 0%.
    • Urgent cases are prioritized
    • Extract information from calls to know exactly what customers are asking for
    • Allows you to monitor agent competence by analyzing calls

The steps to set up aa Callbot

Step 1: Get rid of IVR with a Callbot custom-made

The deployment of a Callbot and proper call routing with AI helps reduce wait times and meet SLAs, while call center agents can fully focus on resolving customer issues. The virtual agent transcribes the call in real time and classifies its subject using the natural language processing model. It routes each call to the right agent and can prioritize calls, such as calls with sales potential or technical failures.

Step Two: Automate the flow with a Callbot custom callbot

Once your IVR is automated and the first call resolution rate of the solution flow is high, it becomes possible to fully automate the flow. Not all flows should be automated because we believe there are cases where agents will continue to do a better job for a very long time - for example, calls where a customer simply wants to be heard. On the other hand, it is better to fully automate all solution flows that have little added value and where the agent simply asks and says what the AI suggests, as with FAQ processing for example: "are you open on Sunday afternoon ?"

Nothing better than a use case to understand what a Callbot is:

Ecommerce - Request for information on an order


So, are you sure you understand what a Callbot is? The Callbot or voice assistant, is an artificial intelligence solution that automates call centers and improves agents' ability to serve inbound contacts more efficiently. 85% of customers prefer to call as a faster option to resolve issues. With high agent turnover, it is impossible for call centers to maintain the required level of service. This results in huge losses in revenue and brand value. At Locutawe are developing the first call center automation solution truly intelligent, multilingual call center automation solution to deliver the most immersive, human-like customer service on the market.

Let's build together your custom Callbot of tomorrow

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