Simple management and quick implementation: the keys to choosing customer service solutions 

During the coronavirus pandemic, having an artificial intelligence solution was critical for many customer services. There are several of them! Drom start to finish, AI allows you to allowyou to have simple management and rapid implementation with conversational capabilities.

Below we explain the benefits of this type of technology and its application in customer service strategies during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

End-to-end customer service solutions

A key factor in the success of our customers' post-coronavirus strategies has been the rapid implementation and easy management of the solutions.

En l’espace de quelques semaines, les services clientèle ont dû reconfigurer leurs objectifs et leurs processus. Leurs équipes travaillant à distance et les canaux de service étant limités, beaucoup ont dû recourir à des solutions automatisées. Pour le service client, il est important d’assurer la continuité des opérations et de décentraliser les canaux. 

But implementing a new technology can become a problem if it requires a large implementation team, programming expertise and bureaucratic processes. Some companies take up to 8 months to implement a solution. This is unthinkable in today's world, let alone in a crisis.

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The same thing happens with teams that already have this technology. Because of its complexity, strategy changes and last-minute content are impossible to achieve.

So having an end-to-end solution has been a key factor for companies. They are not only considering the conversational capabilities of their customer service, but also the needs, goals and strategies of their customer service departments.

Why? Let's look at the main advantages of this type of technology.


Agility of implementation

To begin with, a new technology must be quick and easy to implement. It should avoid bureaucratic processes and the involvement of a development team.

Pour cela, le mieux que vous pouvez faire est de rechercher un fournisseur de solutions qui dispose d’une équipe d’accueil. Ce fournisseur vous aidera à mettre en œuvre le logiciel aussi rapidement que possible. 

This is especially important in a crisis like the one we are experiencing with the coronavirus. From one week to the next, the reality of business has changed dramatically. Previously long-term objectives have had to be accelerated to ensure business continuity.


Simple management and easy uploading of content

Customer service team members typically do not implement or configure technical solutions.

This is why it is important that the solution allows for simple management, with clear actions and user-friendly navigation.

In the case of a conversational solution, this is especially true for content uploads. This task must be quick and easy.

Simple management and quick implementation

Continuous training and learning

For a customer service solution to be successful, it must learn and improve continuously. It is therefore essential to train the robot based on its daily experience with customers.

A simple and automatic way to do this is for the solution itself to perform this process. With the training tools, you can view unresolved requests and add them to the knowledge base with a single click.

And if you want a more detailed analysis, you can consult the chat reports and view the conversations manually.

This makes it possible to speed up the loading of content according to the real needs of the users.


From the cloud

Another key feature is that the solution can be stored in the cloud. Unlike on-premises software, the cloud provides access to any team member, no matter where they are.

This was a huge advantage for many companies during the COVID-19 crisis. With mandatory quarantine suddenly imposed in many countries, many teams had to switch to working remotely.

Having all the information in the cloud allows them to continue working seamlessly. It makes it easier to access information and keep operations running.


A one-click omnichannel solution

Today's customers expect omnichannel service. That means they expect the same experience across all channels.

That's why it's not only important that the conversational solution be compatible with these channels, but also that the content can be downloaded to all of them simultaneously.

A platform specifically designed to provide an omnichannel experience allows you to upload and publish content simultaneously across all channels. That way, you don't have to think about how to tailor each response accordingly.

Instant transfers

The last key aspect is that it is easy to transfer more complex requests to a human agent. Callbots can become the world's best friends if they are configured to work together.

To do this, you need to consider two factors. First, the robot must allow for native integration of the live call. Second, it must have a conversation orchestrator that enables the handover between the robot and the human.


Do you need to act as quickly as possible?

We are all in the same boat. Customer behavior is changing and, as an entrepreneur your strategies are probably being redefined to keep up.

If you are considering implementing conversational technology and need to do it as quickly as possible, you can count on us! With our rapid integration program, you can implement our solutions in record time. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our experts. They are always ready to help you.

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