Callbots in telecom: Why do companies need them?

Dans cet article, nous allons voir les 5 raisons et besoins d’intégrer un callbot au sein de votre entreprise de télécommunication. 

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the way businesses and organizations operate. Various industries are capitalizing on the benefits that these technologies can bring.

While the telecommunications industry has remained intact for many years, the way people communicate with these companies is also changing.

Some of the biggest players in the telecom industry are using AI-powered bots. The goal being to improve their customers' experience with faster and better service. That's not all, artificial intelligence also helps companies proactively detect, predict and repair network anomalies. As a result, it helps reduce operational costs.

En fait, on prévoit que l’IA dans les télécommunications, atteindra 1 milliard de dollars d’ici 2023, avec un taux de croissance annuel composé de 32 % entre 2018 et 2023.

Telecommunication evolution

Let's take a look at how AI-powered callbots can revolutionize the telecommunications industry and why you should take advantage of them.

Comment les callbots changent l’industrie des télécommunications

Most established telecommunications companies have a huge user base. This means that they receive a constant stream of customer requests all day long. Some users ask for help setting up their equipment, others complain about a malfunction, etc.

What makes it more difficult for these companies is that people expect instant solutions. They rely heavily on mobile and internet connections, especially during their 40s. That's why most telecom companies have large 24/7 customer support services. However, they are very expensive. The use of callbots seems to be an excellent solution to this problem.

In the telecommunications industry, callbots can perform a number of functions without constant human intervention.

They can:

  • Handle customer requests that are repetitive in nature, such as inquiries about charging plans, pricing, coverage areas, basic setup procedures, etc.
  • Reduce wait times.
  • Redirect customer requests to the appropriate departments.
  • Provide 24/7 support.
  • Remind customers to recharge before their current plan expires.
  • Gather customer feedback.
  • Callbots have a multitude of benefits! Increased user engagement, improved customer satisfaction and cost savings are good examples.

With the advancement of technology and increase in service standards, telecom companies need to include callbots to improve their performance. With their help, you can make your customers happy with immediate and human responses to their service.

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Pourquoi les entreprises de télécommunications ont-elles besoin des callbots ?  

Telecommunications companies are using callbots to provide a customer experience and resolve customer issues without the need to talk to a human agent. They also save customers from having to endure long waits and endless options.

A company wants to give its robot a personality that would put everyone at ease when it seeks help.

The callbot not only interacts with the clients, but also with their systems and web services. It provides them with specific information about the lines and their status.

Le témoignage de Mario Castellanos González, expert en innovation et en stratégie, a partagé : « L’évolution de l’assistant virtuel s’est faite très naturellement, car il est facile à utiliser, intuitive et il est simple de comprendre ce qui se passe et les besoins des clients. »  

Callbots are transforming the telecommunications industry. In addition to offering common benefits such as 24×7 support and cost efficiency. Conversational bots can also help :

1. Facilitate smooth and transparent communication

Many customer requests have to be transferred to other departments. Customers often find it annoying to wait for their call to be transferred from one department to another and to explain their problem to different people. They also expect the first person they speak to to solve their problem.

Callbots can play an important role in such situations. As a first point of contact, a callbot can help customers connect with the expert who can solve their problems.

Your robot can collect basic information about your customers and their problems, including the following details:

  • If the person is a new client or already uses your services.
  • If it is an individual or corporate account
  • Their account number
  • If their problem is related to general information, finances, technical failure, etc.
  • More details about the problem, such as a slow connection, overcharging, etc.

In this way, callbots can solve the simplest problems by themselves. For complex issues, they can connect the customer to a human operator and inform the operator of the customer's problem.

Thanks to callbots, your customers will not have to repeat their information and communication will be fluid.

2. Overcoming language barriers

Customers are likely to use natural, informal language to communicate with companies and support teams.

If one of your customers is not a native speaker, they may find voice communication difficult due to different accents. Callbots can help telecom companies overcome regional and language barriers for clear communication.

The same applies to chat conversations. Intelligent chatbots understand spelling mistakes as well as regionalisms. This makes them an ideal asset for your customer service team.

Le moteur de compréhension du langage naturel de notre callbot aide à interpréter le langage courant et à comprendre ce que les gens veulent dire. Le robot apprend également de chaque interaction avec les clients grâce à l’apprentissage automatique. 

De plus, le moteur peut vous aider à créer un callbot ou un chatbot qui intègre l’empathie humaine et la compréhension des dialogues quotidiens pour améliorer vos communications avec les clients.  

3. Provide omnichannel service

Gone are the days when customers only asked for help over the phone. Today, they also use social media channels, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

In this scenario, it is essential to allow your customers to communicate through their preferred channel to provide effective and personalized assistance.

Callbots are a great ally in achieving this. With just a few clicks, you can implement your virtual assistant across multiple channels and, at the same time, deliver the same experience without any additional effort from your team.

For example, it automatically adapts responses across all messaging channels for instant, seamless service. Second, all conversations are stored in the same platform, regardless of their origin. Your agents will be able to access the history of exchanges with each user to learn about their past problems and needs.

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4. Stimulate conversions

Callbots can collect data on how a customer interacts with them. Based on recordings of previous conversations with different users, you can provide them with personalized offers.

A customer is more likely to upgrade their current plans when they receive personalized offers.

Such offers can make your customers feel appreciated and help you build loyalty. At the same time, you will also be able to upsell and increase the average order value to generate more revenue.

Vous pouvez également utiliser des callbots pour leur rappeler de recharger lorsque leur forfait actuel est sur le point d’expirer. Mais aussi leur envoyer des rappels de facture. Ainsi, ils n’auront pas à s’inquiéter de l’épuisement de leurs packs de données.   

The availability of 24/7 support also impresses customers and helps you gain referral customers, which is again a good sign for your business. And you can increase conversions with bots that guarantee fast and quality customer service.

5. Streamline bill payments

Customers of telecommunications companies are often confronted with billing errors for voice and data contracts. For these reasons, it leads to a bad reputation of the customer service.

You can optimize your billing and payment collection process by using Locuta's AI-powered bill payment solution. It can help you connect with your customers through automated calls.

La solution intégrée de Locuta peut vous aider à économiser sur les coûts d’exploitation, à réduire les délais de paiement et à améliorer l’expérience de vos clients.  

In summary

If you want to retain your customers and acquire new ones, the best way is to make them happy. And to do that, you need to provide an exceptional customer experience with fast turnaround times and smooth communication.

As we have already discussed above, the use of callbots, can help you gain an advantage over other telecom companies. We recommend that you make these emerging technologies an asset to accelerate the growth of your business.

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