Technology serving customers or customers serving technology? 

Choisir une solution automatisée pour le service clientèle n’est pas une décision facile. Le marché est rempli de callbots qui prétendent proposer la technologie la plus innovante pour votre entreprise. Et lorsqu’il y a une entreprise connue derrière, la promesse peut être très tentante. 

Mais les marques multinationales ne sont pas à la hauteur lorsqu’elles ne répondent pas à la seule question qui compte : est-ce la technologie dont les clients ont besoin ? 

The key is to put the customer first

In our years of experience, we've seen companies fail every time they implemented customer service automation technologies.

Some buy expensive solutions and spend a lot of resources to install them. When they finally launch them, they discover that they don't get the results they want.


Why does this happen?

There are many reasons, of course. But we dare to say that one of the main causes is that companies have not thought about a strategy based on their customers' needs.

This is not something to be taken lightly. According to Salesforce, 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their expectations.

Technology at the service of customers?

What would those expectations be?

Of course, everyone is different, but our client cases show us that there are three common factors:

  • Conversations on your own time 

Les clients ne veulent pas perdre des heures à essayer de contacter un centre d’appels, puis à appuyer sur des options sans fin jusqu’à ce qu’ils atteignent celle qu’ils recherchent. S’ils ont une question, ils veulent contacter le service client rapidement et directement. Nos callbots personnalisés sont parfaits pour cela. Outre le fait qu’ils soient peu utilisés, cela permet aux clients de discuter avec l’entreprise quand ils le souhaitent et à leur rythme.  

  • Des solutions instantanées

Customers don't want a list of instructions on how to pay a bill, where to go, or what additional application to install. They want the solution on the spot.

To do this, a robot must be integrated with the information services that the company already has (API or Web services). This way, customers can change their cell phone plan, make a transaction, get a support ticket or deactivate a stolen credit card without having to switch channels or chat windows.

  • Natural, unstructured and personalized conversations

If there's one thing people don't like, it's structured, option-filled, impersonal dialogues. Customers expect to be able to talk to the company the way they do in their daily lives: using emojis, abbreviations, informal words and in an unstructured way. The last thing they want is too many clicks to get to what they are looking for.

Furthermore, even though customers assume that companies already have information about them, they keep getting asked the same questions over and over again. In order to provide personalized customer service, it is essential to not make them repeat the same information.

In short, a company cannot ignore these aspects if it really wants to connect with people.

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Experience is important

If you want your customer to have an incredible experience, technology is key. But sometimes, companies think that only means acquiring a knowledge engine. While that's important, it's only one element.

An incredible customer experience needs multiple AI technologies. So you get not only natural unstructured conversations, but also a complete package: connection to synchronous and asynchronous channels, agile learning and management tools ready to be used even by those who are not tech-savvy, analytical reporting, security, scalability, etc.

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So if we could give you one piece of advice, it would be this: your strategy should not be tailored to the technology. It's quite the opposite. Technology should be adapted to your strategy.

It goes without saying that you should always, always, always keep your customers' needs in mind when integrating new technologies into your customer service. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our experts. They are always ready to help you. 

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