Hybridization between robots and humans: The results of Artificial Intelligence

Sans aucun doute, les robots sont enracinés, et ils ne font que devenir plus intelligents. Les technologies de rupture ont transformé notre façon de travailler dans de nombreux domaines : les tâches administratives, le service à la clientèle, ainsi que les secteurs de la banque, du transport et du tourisme, le commerce électronique et les services municipaux, entre autres. Aujourd’hui, on parle d’hybridation entre les robots et les humains – aucun ne peut exister sans l’autre. 

When banks began installing ATMs, employees were not left without tasks. On the contrary, their function was redefined, so they could focus on more complex and personalized tasks.

When e-commerce was born, along with accounting and administrative software, it did not lead to the closing of stores. Self-driving vehicles do not operate alone. Robots don't apply biomedicine without the help of doctors, and these examples are repeated across all sectors.

Are the robots on our side?

The advantage of technological innovation is that once it is applied, we can redefine human contributions.

D’une part, les utilisateurs, qu’ils soient clients, consommateurs ou citoyens, peuvent obtenir ce qu’ils veulent en temps réel, sans sortir de chez eux. Cela crée une expérience et une satisfaction de l’utilisateur. C’est la clé du succès dans toute entreprise.  Plus les utilisateurs s’appuient sur la technologie, plus il est important de fournir des solutions dans ce domaine, et de progresser sur le plan de la convivialité, de systèmes et de résolution de processus.  

This can improve their customer experience and even their quality of life. This translates into greater satisfaction, optimization of people's time and reduced operating costs. This in turn can lead to increased company sales and customer loyalty.

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The hybridization between robots and humans

On the other hand, by automating the mechanical, repetitive and predictable tasks that bore many employees, the company is betting that it can redefine its human capital in conjunction with the use of intelligent technologies.

Dans ce cas, le travail humain se concentre sur des tâches plus sophistiquées, significatives et personnalisées. Entre autres, ce qui révolutionne l’emploi. La technologie évolue pour créer des structures de travail plus dynamiques avec une gestion moins hiérarchique.  

The ideal balance between robots and humans

Job automation aims to optimize human resources management. This goes totally against the fear of being replaced by technological advances. Today, the challenge is to create the perfect hybrid between humans and robots.

This is what we call the "creative economy"! Creative jobs require the use of cognitive abilities that only humans possess. Artificial intelligence research has shown that some human cognitive functions are impossible to replicate. Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, when applied to everyday life, will therefore give rise to new categories of employment.

The application of intelligent technologies, robots, automated systems, computer programs and mathematical algorithms requires the automation of humans, and vice versa. Creativity is the key. How to generate technology? How do we apply it to industry and to our daily lives? What is our human capacity to generate new realities and continue to evolve?

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