How to measure customer satisfaction and improve CX

Avez-vous déjà discuté avec un callbot et le résultat était… décevant ? Même si nous aimerions dire que vos clients finiront toujours par avoir le sourire, ce n’est pas la seule possibilité. Vous savez pourquoi ? On vous explique comment mesurer et améliorer le CX.

Why is satisfaction not as high as you would like?

Your customers' satisfaction does not always depend on the technology you use for your customer service.

This does not mean that it is not relevant. On the contrary. The customer service solution you implement can make the difference between an average experience and an incredible one.

But sometimes the expertise of the conversational engine is just as important as its technology. If your customers don't find the answers they're looking for, your innovative solution won't be as successful as you think.


How can companies learn from customer interactions and provide better service?

Listening to the customer, the key to success

Every day we are more convinced that a customer-centric strategy is the right way to go. An organization with this philosophy understands the expectations, problems and needs of customers and acts accordingly.

 Avec ces précieuses informations, les entreprises doivent passer à l’étape suivante : connaître les réactions spécifiques des clients sur le service qu’ils souhaitent recevoir. 

It is essential to open a space for dialogue so that they can ask questions, find answers to their complaints and suggest improvements.

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How to collect and measure customer opinion?

Peter Drucker, le père du management moderne a dit un jour : « Si vous ne pouvez pas le mesurer, vous ne pouvez pas l’améliorer » 

Now consider this phrase for us here: to improve your customer satisfaction, you must first measure it. Why? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Customer feedback is a gold mine for your business. You can use it to improve your products and services, adjust your sales strategy and define or revise the message you communicate.
  • It allows to detect the weak points of the customer service and to identify the priorities of improvement according to them.
  • Customers can offer important information that you may not have thought of.
  • Improving customer service increases customer happiness and, as you know, this can lead to greater brand loyalty.

Knowing what customers think of your service will allow you to design new and better experiences to meet their expectations.

How to measure and improve CX

There are dozens of customer service tools that provide resources for this purpose. In this case, you will see the importance of satisfaction surveys and satisfaction scores.

1. Satisfaction surveys: the point of contact for customer opinion

The first step to improving satisfaction is to gather information about the customer experience. How do you do this? We suggest enabling satisfaction surveys at the end of sessions with the conversational callbot or human agent.

What's so great about using surveys?

  • You can easily measure satisfaction across multiple digital channels.
  • You get instant feedback from your customers as soon as they finish the conversation with the bot. This allows them to express their impressions while they are still fresh, in a clear and direct way.
  • Your customers can leave comments and suggestions. This is valuable qualitative information to improve the service.
  • You get quantitative measures to determine the level of satisfaction.
  • You can see the impact of your customer service actions on consumers.
  • Responses are fast; it won't take your customers more than a minute.

On each of them, you will be able to personalize the text and the thank you formula to adapt it to your company.

Once you have set up one or more surveys (remember that you can choose different surveys depending on the support channel and objectives), it is time to analyze the results. On the Locuta platform, you can see these results.

2. Satisfaction score: data to guide the right decisions

Surveys are more than useful to know what customers think, the numbers allow you to see the big picture.

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In summary

When investing in a customer service solution, ask yourself this question:

  • Will it help deliver the service experience that customers are looking for?
  • Do you have the right tools to measure satisfaction and improve customer service day after day?


If you're looking for new ways to enrich your company's customer service or how an end-to-end platform can help you improve your CX, check out Locuta's solutions. Locuta's omnichannel customer service solutions with artificial intelligence will take your customer relationships to the next level.

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