7 advantages of Callbots and Chatbots with conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly crossing our everyday life. From streaming platforms to after-sales services, the main point of contact with our favorite brands is somehow managed byAI especially with Callbots and Chatbots. Users are much more familiar with technology and its immediacy, so they demand instant resolution and more control over the process.

That'swhy integrating conversational AI into the customer service process is no longer optional. Find out how you can stand out from your competitors by delivering new and better experiences.

Why integrate Callbots and Chatbots with conversational AI in customer service?

1. Win over your target audience

Nothing strengthens customer relationships more than fast, efficient service. Consumers value your ability to deliver a good experience as much as they value the quality of your product or service. Answering their questions instantly is essential if you want them to come back and fall in love with your brand. Remember, your customers are demanding: if you don't deliver on their expectations, they may not choose you anymore.

2. 24 hour efficient service

With conversational AI in Callbots and Chatbots, all communication channels are available to the user 24/7. This sense of quick and constant assistance is essential for your customers. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting hours to resolve an urgent issue, explaining the same problem to different operators in different conversations, or having to guess whether a product is available or not. Conversational AI is becoming a possibility for many consumers whenever they need it: shopping, sorting paperwork, solving problems or asking questions. See article on Callbots.

3. Answers on all channels

It's no surprise that people love to communicate via instant messaging or their favorite social media site. Whether they contact you by phone, on Instagram Messenger or send you a WhatsApp audio, you need the ability to respond. Automating customer service across all channels, Callbots and Chatbots, with Conversational Artificial Intelligence allows you to provide personalized and comprehensive service for every interaction while staying true to your company's voice and tone. You can also spice up your responses with add-ons like videos, carousels, buttons or forms to create a cooler experience.

4. More privacy and security

Ensuring transaction security and protecting your customers' data is a fundamental part of service across digital channels. Key elements to delivering good service include a security incident management policy, isolation and protection of data in accordance with privacy and audit regulations. The integration of Artificial Intelligence becomes essential to ensure threat detection and proper management.

5. Greater customization

One of the best advantages of having your bot with AI is personalization: knowing your customer, having a clear profile and being able to offer them a product or service based on their needs will set you apart from the competition. Integrating AI allows you to provide the right answer to each user in an empathetic way and make recommendations based on their preferences. Remember, the more personalized your service is, the more likely you are to convert prospects into customers.

6. Measures that are worth their weight in gold

Conversational AI helps you increase sales, lets you know more about your target audience and gives them what they really need, anytime, anywhere. But how, you ask? With data! Getting real-time metrics, reports and statistics on customer satisfaction is easier than it sounds and is a key component of true customer-centric service. For example, the training, learning and reporting tools from Locuta s training, learning and reporting tools give you information on the number of sessions transferred, satisfaction, feedback or call and chat reports. This way, you gain valuable information and can make data-driven business decisions.

7. Reduce customer service costs

One of the benefits of customer service automation is that it optimizes your agents' time. The bot can handle FAQs, process management, sales and service, while the call center or call center agents can be ready to handle higher value cases.


Thinking about Conversational Artificial Intelligence? Implementing conversational AI into your customer service process obviously has great benefits. Remember, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer and a loyal customer increases profits for your business. Your customers are already used to Artificial Intelligence - they interact with it all the time! Now it's time to take the next step.

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