4 ways to use a Callbot in your business 

The term " Callbot "has become incredibly popular in recent years. More and more companies are integrating this tool into their daily operations. This is obvious since chatbots and their features have completely changed the way companies interact with their customers. But what is a Callbot exactly and how can it benefit your business? So here are the 4 ways to use a Callbot in your business.

The basics of Callbot

A callbot is a virtual voice assistant able to talk to a customer or prospect on the phone, to understand his problem and solve it autonomously, 24/7 without waiting time. Discover our use cases

You certainly know Alexa or Siri, which equip your smartphone or your connected speakers. A callbot, works almost the same way, except that you go through the phone channel.

Why do you need a Callbot ?

Now that you are familiar with Callbots and the types available, let's focus on their practical applications. Using a Callbot will benefit your business, whether you have thousands of customers or just a few.

According to the 2018 State of the Callbot report by. Drift, Survey Monkey Audience, Salesforce, and myclever, providing a great online experience is essential. The survey found that 34% of consumers get frustrated when it's difficult to navigate a website, 31% find it annoying when they can't get answers to simple questions, and 28% get irritated when they can't easily find basic details about a business online. This information reveals something very important: many businesses are not meeting the requirements of their potential customers.

There's another important fact not to be overlooked. In the aforementioned report, Salesforce notes that 69% of consumers prefer callbots to apps for communicating with businesses. Why? Because callbots can respond to their requests faster.

4 essential ways to use a Callbot in your business

Answering questions is just one of the many features of Callbots. Let's review the most important ones:

The customer service

This is the most popular use of Callbots. AI-powered automated customer service offers effective solutions from the first interaction. Since they easily perform repetitive tasks, they will answer your customers' frequently asked questions in a flash. Moreover, they can answer a large number of questions with a similar response, even if the questions are phrased differently. Intelligent callbots also understand natural language and languages.

This will, of course, save time and money. This virtual voice assistant will transfer the call to a human agent if necessary. In the meantime, it will handle simple requests and leave your team available to handle complex tasks. See article on Why automate your call center

Sales and marketing

Callbots are extremely useful tools to complement marketing strategies and boost sales. On the one hand, they facilitate lead acquisition by attracting visitors and turning them into potential customers. With each interaction, callbots collect information about their preferences, interests and contact channels. Companies can then use this data to identify new markets and opportunities.

On the other hand, you can also use them for up-selling and cross-selling. By offering customers a similar or complementary product to the one they are interested in, they encourage more or larger purchases. Of course, direct selling should not be ruled out.

Transactional information

In addition, the Callbots can also be integrated into your CRM to facilitate the cross-referencing of data. This facilitates customer management and allows you to offer a personalized service according to their needs. This feature is ideal for refunding customers or providing updates on their orders.


Virtual voice assistants are also great allies in accelerating collections. They use automated messaging channels to inform your customers of their debts and to correct late payments. They contact your customers via SMS or interactive phone calls and offer them payment options.

Callbots will become members of your team 

After reading this, hopefully Callbots are no longer a mystery. Because there are so many different types and uses, it won't be hard to find the one that best suits your business needs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our experts. They are always ready to help you.

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