Thanks to our Callbot, automate outgoing calls

A Callbot that automates your prospecting

At Locuta, we develop Callbot solutions to automate your outbound calls: prospecting, retargeting, follow-up...

Automate your prospecting in an intelligent way

Move to Prospecting 3.0 with our Callbot and the Virtual Salesman

01. IVR identification

Our Callbot instantly identifies interactive voice servers. It can then interact with them and find the right caller.

02. Deposit of messages

Our Callbot gets an answering machine? No worries, he can leave a message directly on the answering machine of your correspondent. 

03. Queue management

The caller picks up and puts our Callbot on hold? With our technology we understand the situation and wait for the green light.

04. Management of unassigned numbers

It is possible that in your listing some numbers are no longer assigned. Our Callbot understands this and brings it up directly in your CRM.

05. Reminder in case of unavailability

Your contact does not have time? Is not available? We can schedule an automatic callback in the next few hours or days.

06. Integration with your CRM

Do you work with Hubspot? Salesforce? Or other CRM tools? Our Callbot easily connects to them and brings up all the information you need to follow up.

What is a Callbot and why use it for prospecting


The Callbot or voicebot, has been specially designed for services dedicated to customer relations (see our article on the subject). This type of artificial intelligence uses voice to communicate with customers or prospects in real time. Equipped with natural language processing and analysis capabilities (NLU) and analysis capabilities, the Callbot is able to express itself verbally and maintain a simple conversation via three fundamental technologies:

    • Semantic analysis which allows him to deconstruct the sentence and analyze it as a whole.
    • Speech recognition, which allows it to make sense of all words.
    • Voice synthesis which allows him to formulate an answer in adequacy with the request of the customer.

In companies, Callbots are generally used to answer simple and frequent questions. They are made available on the websites of brands and companies in order to answer in real time to the most basic requests of customers. However, we are seeing the emergence of more and more powerful Callbots, capable of analyzing the customer's journey in order to process his request in its entirety but also to automate telephone prospecting. In this configuration, the Callbot is considered as a real virtual advisor or salesperson, whose objective is to improve the customer experience and generate profit.

Let's build together your custom Callbot of tomorrow

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