Customized Diagnostic Solution - Locuta - Callbot

Automated custom diagnosis of your call center

Doubts about your automation potential? We have the solution! With the Automated Custom Diagnostic, we can evaluate the automation potential of your call center based on your production audio recordings.

Why carry out a diagnosis?

Customized diagnosis - production data

Use data as a coaching tool to help your agents who need it

Customized diagnosis - Identification

Identification of call reasons to be automated in priority

Customized diagnosis - Time saving

Save time on the realization of your future Callbot with this customized diagnosis

Customized diagnosis - Efficient warranty

Guaranteed success of your custom Callbot efficiency

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01. Analysis of your telephone flows

Analysis of your audio streams by our artificial intelligence:

- Sectorization of your audio flows (detection of callers' intentions)

- Identification of the entities requested by your agents (e.g.: contract number, email address, phone number etc.)

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02. Automation reporting

Our customer success manager will transcribe your use cases into conversational workflows, and develop a recipe book in collaboration with your teams.

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03. Presentation of the customized diagnosis

Presentation of this automation report by our customer success manager.

The data generated by our diagnostic is then used to pre-generate your Callbots, for a quick delivery of them.

Let's build together your custom Callbot of tomorrow

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