Develop an omnichannel strategy with a 360° vision

Customized solutions for an omnichannel strategy that optimizes and automates your customer service.

Our solutions for an omnichannel strategy

Callbot's solution

Our customized Callbots improve the quality of your reception and the efficiency of your inbound calls. They enhance and optimize your outgoing call campaigns.

Solution Supervisor

Our monitoring tool gives you a live view of your call center interactions by analyzing the content of conversations. Measure and improve your call center with our turnkey solution.

Diagnostic Solution

With the Automated Custom Diagnostic we can assess the automation potential of your call center based on your production audio recordings.

Customized Diagnostic Solution - Locuta - Callbot
custom chatbot solution

Chatbot solution

Our Chatbots are an excellent complement to Callbots. They are based on well-defined scenarios and conversation rules and are optimized by our AI based on the principle of NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Accompanying solution

Let's analyze together the main vectors of automation of your telephone flows in order to maximize the impact of your callbot, chatbot...

Customized support solution - Locuta - Callbot

Why implement an omnichannel strategy?

The goal of an omnichannel strategy is to offer a multitude of ways to communicate with your customers. By using as many channels as possible at your disposal and by exploiting their assets you optimize and considerably improve your customers' experience. Today, 78% of French people contact a customer service department at least once a year, but all too often this process proves to be frustrating: long waiting times, time constraints, too many callers and systematic voice servers. Integrating as many touch points as possible into a seamless strategy allows your customers to have a smooth, pleasant and frustration-free experience. With an omnichannel strategy, differentiate yourself from your competitors and improve the customer experience in your customer service.

Let's build together your custom Callbot of tomorrow

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