We adapt our solution to your needs
We can automate a wide range of use cases. Whether it is to extend the hours of support, free up some time for your employees by automating recurring calls, or to absorb peak loads.

Identify the caller

To serve a customer efficiently, one must first identify him or her. Name, customer / contract ID, address, phone number. Our callbot knows how to identify the caller, link him to your customer database or feed him into your CRM.

Perform call routing

The interactive voice server has had its day! Our callbot knows how to transfer the call to the right center of expertise according to the nature of the request. Natural language understanding is the death knell for "maze-like" IVRs.

Frequently asked questions

Let the callbot answer recurring questions and leverage the expertise of your employees to handle complex requests. Our callbot uses a database enriched by your business teams thanks to the BotStation.

Pre-define the call

Our callbot welcomes the caller without delay, and knows how to qualify his need. It collects all the information necessary to process the request in a seamless and natural conversation.


Our callbot is trained to handle generic requests, such as appointment booking. During a peak of calls, our callbot knows how to classify the request and proposes a deferred and agreed upon time slot for outgoing calls.

Bespoke Workflow

Locuta is, above all, an expertise and an assistance in the deployment of callbots that meet your business needs. Contact us, and let's discuss your use cases together.
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